About Company

About company

OpenEmbed,a young developing company comes from ShenZhen.
The company was founded in 2013.  We have evolved our expertise, technology and service to always exceed our customers' expectations. OEMs around the world trust OpenEmbed to be inside of their most important machines.

Our comprehensive product lines include System on module(SOM) ,Single Board Computers (SBC),IoT gateway,Edge computer and Programmable controller. These self-contained computing deveices are  in a smaller, rugged and reliable package. Most have standard inputs and outputs such as UART, USB, Display, Ethernet,Wireless etc.

OpenEmbed's embedded computers are designed for the most demanding applications.Our creative concept of integrated services for embedded computing assures trusted delivery and valuable system integration from board-level design-in to system-level design for vertical markets in automation, transportation,power utility,iot, retail, network security, medical, digital signage, green power and much more.



OpenEmbed' Values

  • Lead in supplying powerful and innovative solutions to the surging industry  and wireless communications markets. Design and manufacture state-of-the-art Powerful ARM-based Single Board Computers for edge computing and  embedded wireless network systems.
  • Drive continuous improvement in quality by implementing a commitment to electronic automation to enhance consistency and to manage all business and manufacturing processes.
  • Enhance vendor relationships which exhibit mutual respect, teamwork, and commitment to long term relationships to optimize the supply chain. Partner with vendors that share our commitment to business integrity and quality.
  • Manufacture in the OpenEmbed facility in ShenZhen using cost effective SMT technology. Plan and invest in manufacturing capacity ahead of demand to accommodate rapid growth.
  • Fund the company from sales.
  • Provide a positive, stable and safe environment for our employees. Promote teamwork and cooperation among all employees. Instill a sense of pride and ownership.

We will always treat our customers honestly and with respect. We will strive to provide the most reliable and cost effective solution for the customers' application we will stand behind our products until the customer is satisfied.

We will treat our partners like they are part of our company as they are important to our overall success. We will always tell them the truth as we know that they will make commitments to their customers based on the information we give them. We will hold in confidence any information they share with us.


Manufacturer Features

Quality Assurance
Each OpenEmbed undergoes extensive production testing and burn-in prior to shipment, reducing failures and associated down-time and costs.
14 Day Evaluation Period
All OpenEmbed products come with a 14 day money back guarantee. Try out the product you are considering and return it in good condition for a full refund when you are done - no forms, no fees, no strings.
Board customizations with no minimum quantity
Configure the SBC you need for a custom fit at off-the-shelf prices. We offer many options, extras and compatible peripherals on all of our single board computers, allowing you to configure the perfect embedded solution for your project requirements.
Factory software loading
All of our single board computers have the operating system pre-installed prior to shipment. If you have proprietary software, we even offer a service to load that software onto your computers. If you have a small production staff, this can be a cost effective way to prepare your products for shipment to your customers. Boards will come from the factory functionally tested, with your software pre-installed, ready to include in your product.
Designed, Assembled, and Tested in ShenZhen
Designed, tested, assembled in ShenZhen ,We are proud to operate and make our quality products available world-wide from right here, the silicon valley  of China.
The technology revolution continues and we'll keep pushing back the frontiers because we consider that your success is part of our success and our aim is to always be the best partner to talk to.


Apart from our standard products, OpenEmbed is highly willing to accept OEM / ODM request to design and manufacture custom-specified hardware and software. Our service includes:

  • Private labeling
  • Software customization
  • Hardware customization
  • Chip or firmware license