SOM1028 combines high performance by two powerful 64-bit ARM® Cortex® A72 cores with TSN based Real Time Ethernet communication,CAN-FD,a security engine and an integrated graphic unit for HMI functions.
The Layerscape LS1028A industrial applications processor includes a TSN-enabled Ethernet switch and Ethernet controllers to support converged IT and OT networks. Two powerful 64-bit Arm®v8 cores support real-time processing for industrial control, as well as virtual machines for edge computing in the IoT. The integrated GPU and LCD controller enable Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems with next-generation interfaces.SOM1028 combines the ARM architecture with the NXP QorIQ high-speed communication technology.


  • Dual  64-bit ARM V8 Cortex®-A72 cores running up to  1300 MHz 
    • 32-Kbyte L1 Instruction cache
    • 32-Kbyte L1 Data cache
    • 1024-Kbyte Level 2 cache with ECC


  •    Four SerDes lanes at 10 Gbps maximum, configurable in different options:           

              - Two PCIe 3.0 interfaces 
              - One SATA 3.0 interface 
              - Up to one QSGMII &-up to four SGMII interfaces              
              - Up to one 10G-QXGMII & one 10G-SXGMII interface

  • 3 × CAN controllers supporting CAN FD protocol
  • 2 × SPI
  • 8 x I2C
  • 6 × SAI 
  • 2 x UART
  • 2 × USB 3.0 ultra-speed + 2 × USB 2.0 high-speed OTG 
  • DisplayPort / eDP interface

Graphics and multimedia

  • 3D GPU: Supports OpenGL 3.0, 2.1; OpenGL ES 3.1, 3.0, 2.0, and 1.1; OpenCL 1.2 Full Profile and 1.1; OpenVG 1.1; and Vulkan



All prices blow are specified in USD.

Prices are periodically updated according to variations in component costs. Prices are subject to change without advance notice.

P/N template: SOM1028-AI-2048M-16G-Q16M-CRYPTO


A: hardware edition

I: industry grade(-40 - 85 dgree),E: consumer grade(0-70 dgree)

2018M: DDR4

16G: eMMC

Q16M: QSPI FLASH 16MB or other size


Default configuration P/N:            SOM1028-AE-2048M-16G-Q16M-CRYPTO       PRICE: $199

Industry  configuration P/N:           SOM1028-AI-2048M-16G-Q16M-CRYPTO       PRICE: $249


Note:Customizations accepted,please contact for other configrations.


Other Quantity Orders:

Pricing is specified for 100-unit orders.Multiply the unit price by the factor to calculate the price for another quantity : 

Qty Factor
10K contact us
1K 0.85
500 0.9
100 1.0
10 1.2
1 1.5