Rugged Fanless Edge System with Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+(CM3+),proven,out-of-the-box controller for industry environment.

The EdgeBox-RPI is fitted with the Rasyberry Pi CM3+, it supports 4 cores ARM A53 and most industry protocols. These features make the EdgeBox-RPI perfect for industry ,vehicle and edge applications.The EdgeBox-RPI's CANbus and rugged design features (anti-dust measures, aluminum chassis, wide operating temperature range) mean it can support industrial automation and in-vehicle applications.With its powerful processor and cost-effective design, this is one Edge platform you’ll be able to install anywhere.


  • HDMIx1
  • USB 2.0x2
  • RJ45 Ethernet x1
  • Muti-function connetcor include:
  • Isolated RS485x1
  • RS232x1
  • Isolated CAN-FDx2
  • Power supply


  • Rasyberry Pi CM3+ Based
  • State-of-the-art Aluminium chassis for Harsh environment
  • Integrated passive heatsink
  • Built-in mini PCIe socket for RF module, such as 4G, WI-FI,Bluetooth, lora or zigbee
  • SMA antenna holes x2
  • modubus over RS485 or Ethernet support
  • CAN-FD inteface up to 5 Mbit/s for distributed I/O or motion control
  • Security chip ATECC608A
  •  Hardware Watchdog
  • RTC with Super Capacitor
  • Wide power supply from 9 to 36V DC
  • 35mm DIN Rail support

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